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At PremierBSL, we are committed to giving our learners the best possible learning experience and the greatest opportunity to excel on a BSL course. Providing the highest possible standard of face-to-face teaching in the classroom, PremierBSL also offer an on-line learning platform that is the envy of other British Sign Language (BSL) and Deaf Awareness providers.

PremierBSL is at the pinnacle of BSL and Deaf Awareness teaching across the UK. With a proud history of providing training for more than 25 years on the national and international stage, quality and state of the art teaching is guaranteed.

This site is for those who have been enrolled on a PremierBSL course, or have secured access through subscription. Use of the site will support your learning and provide a recap on any classroom based face-to-face sessions you have. If you can't commit to a weekly course, this course has been designed for you, with on-line learning now possible. Used well, our on-line courses are being used by learners to gain fully accredited BSL qualifications. 

We hope that accessing teaching in this way will accelerate learning and help retention with access availble 24/7. Our courses are delivered by a teacher who is passionate about the teaching and use of linguistically accurate BSL.

If you are not yet registered on a PremierBSL course but would like to join, or would like to subscribe, please have a look at the main PremierBSL website for more information.

Current students can get to the list of courses they are enrolled on, or have previously completed by clicking on 'My Courses' in the menu above.

Led by leading Deaf entrepreneur Sarah Lawrence, the most important aspects of learning with PremierBSL is getting access to quality teaching and having a revision tool available to you. However, through Sarah's engaging personality you will also learn through fun, with students encouraged to throw themselves enthusiastically into learning, whilst ensuring they learn in a grammatically and linguistically correct way.

Our Teachers

Sarah Lawrence (Lead)

Sarah has been teaching BSL for more than 25 years. A qualified teacher, Sarah is registered to teach introductory to advanced BSL courses with The Institute of British Sign Language. Sarah is known for her passion for the language, high standards of teaching and has worked extensively as a television and document translator. Sarah specialises in teaching the South Wales regional dialect, teaching at a local colege as well as running her own BSL courses from Level 1 to Level 6.

Serious about the issue of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and maintaining as professional an approach to teaching BSL as the teaching of any other subject, Sarah undertakes a minimum of 30 hours CPD every year.

Naturally funny and engaging, learning with Sarah is always fun.




Nadene Scott

Teaching BSL for years at Coleg Y Cymoedd, through her own business, and with us at PremierBSL, Nadene is also a qualified teacher who is passionate about setting high standards in the classroom. She has a wonderfully calm delivery, engaging students through her gentle but accomplished approach. An active member of the local Deaf community, Nadene sees the importance of everyone being able to use BSL with her and her friends friends every day, so standards come as a given.